Culinary Schools in Philadelphia PA


Looking for the best Culinary Schools in Philadelphia PA? Attending a culinary school can lead to a successful culinary job where you are frequently allowed to creatively express yourself while being part of a galvanizing and ever-changing restaurant environment

The restaurant and food industry will continue to fuel U.S. employment in the year ahead because it is the nation’s 2nd largest private sector employer. This year, restaurant revenue will reach a record of $683 billion, a 3.6% raise over the previous year. The restaurant industry will add jobs at a 2.8% rate, out-doing the 1.8% gain seen for the total U.S. employment.

A chef or any other culinary professional can receive certification that displays to an employer that he / she has achieved a particular level of culinary proficiency. Besides certification, school room and hand-on coaching, one in addition needs certain soft skills, or personal qualities, to succeed in this field.

Philadelphia PA Culinary Schools

Community College of Philadelphia

1700 Spring Garden St,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
3.71 miles away

Phone: (215) 751-8000

2-year or less, public program, 19751 enrolled, 15 to 1 student to teacher ratio

The Art Institute of Philadelphia

1622 Chestnut Street,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
4.37 miles away

Phone: (800) 275-2474

4-year private program, 3258 enrolled, 18 to 1 student to teacher ratio

The Wine School of Philadelphia

127 S. 22nd St
Philadelphia, PA
4.68 miles away

Phone: (215) 965-1514

Two time "Best of Philly" winner. The Wine School offers professional certification for the food and wine trades. Certifications include the Diploma Oeonotropae, Foundation Program, Intermediate Program, Core Training, and the Advanced Certificate. $550-$2,300

Drexel University

3141 Chestnut St,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
4.93 miles away

Phone: (215) 895-2000

4-year private program, 24860 enrolled, 11 to 1 student to teacher ratio

The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College

4207 Walnut St,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
5.75 miles away

Phone: (215) 222-4200 x3015

4-year primarily associate's, 450 enrolled, 24 to 1 student to teacher ratio

Star Career Academy-Philadelphia

2371 Welsh Road,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
6.64 miles away

Phone: (215) 969-5877

2-year or less, private program, 943 enrolled, 20 to 1 student to teacher ratio

Montgomery County Community College-Central Campus

340 Dekalb Pike,
Blue Bell, Pennsylvania
14.87 miles away

Phone: (215) 641-6300

2-year or less, public program, 10735 enrolled, 21 to 1 student to teacher ratio

Bucks County Community College

275 Swamp Rd
Newton, PA
18.46 miles away

Phone: (215) 968-8241

3-yr degree/apprenticeship/culinary program 2 - yr culinary/ baking/ catering certificate option Tuition $130 per credit-hr in-county, double that for out-of-county. No on-campus housing. $ 25.oo food lab fee per credit for degree-oriented courses

Delaware Valley College

700 E Butler Ave,
Doylestown, Pennsylvania
20.66 miles away

Phone: (215) 345-1500

4-year private program, 2253 enrolled, 15 to 1 student to teacher ratio

Chef Cooking Schools & Programs

A chef can get basic certification that demonstrates to an employer that they have achieved a specific level of culinary proficiency, while classroom and hand-on instruction can elevate a culinary career to new heights. 44% of high level chefs have a culinary degree.

If you prefer to explore certification in the culinary field, the below certificates are highly regarded throughout the culinary industry. In order to obtain your certification, you may need to have some work experience in the field, take a written exam, and renewals may be required every few years.

Certification Name Certifying Organization
Certified Correctional Food Systems Manager American Correctional Food Service Association
Certified Chef de Cuisine American Culinary Federation, Inc.
Certified Executive Chef American Culinary Federation, Inc.
Certified Master Chef American Culinary Federation, Inc.
Personal Certified Executive Chef American Culinary Federation, Inc.
Foodservice Professional Certification North American Assoc. of Food Equip. Manufacturers
ProChef Level III Certification The Culinary Institute of America
Certified Personal Chef United States Personal Chef Association
Certified Correctional Foodservice Professional American Correctional Food Service Association
Certified Culinary Administrator American Culinary Federation, Inc.
Certified Executive Pastry Chef American Culinary Federation, Inc.
Certified Master Pastry Chef American Culinary Federation, Inc.
Certified Sous Chef American Culinary Federation, Inc.
Certified Working Pastry Chef American Culinary Federation, Inc.
Certified Decorator Retail Bakers of America
Certified Wedding Planner The Wedding Planning Institute

Baking and Pastry Schools

Specific culinary programs and schools are available that focus on baking and pastry creations. Such programs are quicker to complete and offer a very specialized and valuable skill set.

How Long Does Culinary School Take?

The time needed to finish a culinary degree will depend on the avenue taken. Professional culinary degrees can range from 2 to 4 years at top programs. There are shorter options that take a few months to a year for more specialized training that are more focused towards lower entry culinary jobs.

What Is The Cost of Culinary School?

The cost of a culinary degree depends on what a person is aiming to achieve in the culinary field. Some careers such as Food Scientists and Nutritionists require a degree to have success in their field. If the goal is to become an executive chef, an official degree from a known culinary program will be very valuable. On the other hand, someone can become a successful chef by starting in an entry level position and working their way up. Experience is important in the culinary field. It's important to understand and balance the formal education along with actual experience. These two factors play an important role in the assessment of cost and overall success of someone's culinary career.

The cost to attend a top culinary program can range around $20,000 to $50,000 per year. On the other hand, there is a lower cost path to a culinary degree via community colleges and technical schools. Costs typically range from $2,000 to $5,000. Public universities are also a good option but are more expensive, typically ranging from $3,000 to $15,000 in tuition per year.