Careers & Jobs for Culinary Arts Degree

Culinary Arts degrees are heavily sought after. Not only are students in the US seeking Culinary Arts degrees, but many international students are traveling to the United States for their education in order to work in world-class kitchens anywhere in the world.

It often takes at least 2 years of formal education to obtain your degree in culinary arts. Upon completion of your education, there are many career paths one can take. From the most common path of cooking and becoming a chef to being a food critic or blog writer. Credibility is a great thing and if you’re exploring a career relating to food or cooking, a degree from an established culinary institution can put you on the right path.

If money is a key motivator, you may want to focus on a specific area in the culinary field. For example, entry level cooks such as cooking assistants average around $25,000 annually. As their experience and skill level grows, these cooks can become executive chefs and bring in close to $70,000 annually. Restaurant managers tend to average around $50,000 in salary and food scientists around $65,000.

So what type of job or career can your Culinary Arts degree land you?

  • All sorts of chefs – Head Chef, Sous Chef, Personal Chef
  • Certified Executive Chef (CEC)
  • Food Stylist
  • Catering – Owner or Staff
  • Nutritionist
  • Food Scientist
  • Bed & Breakfast – Owner or Staff
  • Restaurant Owner or Manager
  • Industry Consultant
  • Food Writer or Critic

44% of those with the above careers have a culinary degree.