Culinary Schools in Dixon NM


Looking for the best Culinary Schools in Dixon NM? 44% of those with culinary roles like Executive Chef, Head Cook, and Line Cook have a culinary degree.

From a personal standpoint, culinary schools are big for growing oneself. An individual’s ability to prepare the table with a wonderful meal not only offers self-rewarding benefits, but it also brings tremendous joy to those around you.

Cooks generally speaking must possess physical strength, manual dexterity and a good sense of taste and smell. They must have the capacity to function as a member of a team. Chefs along with head cooks have to have the creativity to develop recipes. They have to be confident leaders and possess effective communication and time management abilities.

Dixon NM Culinary Schools

Santa Fe Community College

6401 Richards Ave,
Santa Fe, New Mexico
41.96 miles away

Phone: (505) 428-1000

2-year or less, public program, 4893 enrolled, 17 to 1 student to teacher ratio