Culinary Schools in Alleman IA


We list the most relevant Culinary Schools in Alleman IA. Attending a culinary school will often lead to a successful culinary job where you are frequently allowed to creatively express yourself while being part of an exciting & dynamic environment

Earnings are dependent upon where along with in which kind of establishment one works. The actual median annual salary associated with chefs and head cooks has been around $42,490. Most culinary schools give you a strong chance for acceptance to their school – typically about 75-80% acceptance rate.

Cooks generally speaking must have physical strength, manual dexterity along with a good sense of taste and scent. They must have the capacity to function as a member of a team. Chefs and also head cooks must have the creativity to formulate recipes. They should be solid leaders and possess good communication and time management abilities.

Alleman IA Culinary Schools

Des Moines Area Community College

2006 Ankeny Blvd,
Ankeny, Iowa
4.49 miles away

Phone: (515) 964-6241

2-year or less, public program, 25425 enrolled, 43 to 1 student to teacher ratio