Cooking Classes in Fortson GA

Updated: January 6, 2020


Are you trying to find the top Cooking Classes in Fortson GA? You can make a great night out of a cooking course by making it a date – cooking classes are perfect for couples to bond and get acquainted with each other while having fun over a glass of wine. Recreational cooking classes are easy going and are reasonably priced for the value they provide. Classes are being filled up quickly, so get signed up now!

If you are looking at cooking classes for professional development, visit our culinary schools section – Cooks normally must possess physical stamina, manual dexterity and a good sense of taste and aroma. They must have the capacity to function as a member of the team. Chefs as well as head cooks must have the creativity to build recipes. They should be reasonable leaders and possess excellent communication and time management skills.

Fortson GA – Best Cooking Classes

Please Note: Some listings include personal chefs and catering services that typically offer custom, private cooking classes - please discuss on a case-by-case basis with the chef.

Columbus Cooks

1658 Rollins Way Ste. 300C
Columbus, GA

2.37 miles away

Phone: (706)653-4700

"Demo & hands-on classes."

Michaels Cookie & Cake Decorating Classes, Columbus

1591 Bradley Park Dr, Ste C
Columbus, GA

2.43 miles away

Phone: (706)321-1080

Cake Decorating Classes at Hobby Lobby

2911 Airport Thruway Suite A
Columbus, GA

3.85 miles away

Phone: (706)576-4148

Columbus Technical College

928 Manchester Expy
Columbus, GA

4.04 miles away

Phone: (706)649-1800

Jamie Keating Culinary, Inc.

3715 1st Ave
Columbus, GA

4.61 miles away

Phone: (706)327-9300

"Offers personal chef services with possible private cooking lessons."

2 Busy 2 Cook

370 Reynolds Rd W
Fortson, GA

5.29 miles away

Phone: (706)527-9421

"Offers personal chef services with possible private cooking lessons."

Divine Dinners

1332 13th St
Columbus, GA

6.54 miles away

Phone: (706)992-6500

Chef Zachery's Place

1530 Fort Benning Rd
Columbus, GA

10.05 miles away

Phone: (706)689-0440

"Offers personal chef services with possible private cooking lessons."

Savory Solutions A Personal Chef Service

Opelika, AL

23.43 miles away

Phone: (334)444-2636

"Offers personal chef services with possible private cooking lessons."

Cake Decorating Classes at Hobby Lobby

2570 Enterprise Dr
Opelika, AL

24.73 miles away

Phone: (334)745-2730

Christines Unlimited

2272 Moores Mill Rd Ste 208
Auburn, AL

26.21 miles away

Phone: (334)750-4963

Michaels Cookie & Cake Decorating Classes, Auburn

1550 Opelika Rd, Suite 8
Auburn, AL

26.83 miles away

Phone: (334)246-2804

Tour Italia Cooking Classes

441 South College Street
Auburn, AL

28.63 miles away

Phone: (334)321-3179

"Cooking classes vary depending on time of year - call for full details."

Funnel Cake It

196 N Donahue Dr
Auburn, AL

29.19 miles away

Phone: (334)209-0875

"Offers personal chef services with possible private cooking lessons."

There is a wide range of recreational cooking classes being offered. Be sure to call and check calendars to see what cooking lessons are being offered at the time.

Baking Classes & Cake Decorating

Some classes specialize around baking lessons, including cooking and cake decorating, as well as full baking instruction. Highly popular around the holiday season and excellent for kids when it comes to cookie decorating.

Couples Cooking Classes

Many cooking classes center around adults and create an intimate environment which is perfect for date night. Cooking classes for couples often pair the perfect meal with wine and a more romantic scene.

Cooking Classes for Kids

Kids absolutely love cooking classes. It's an excellent way for them to develop new skills and feel proud of their food creations. You can use this time to bond with your kids or simply create an event for your kids to enjoy with their friends. Specific classes exist for kids so be on the lookout for those near you.

Private Cooking Classes

Our listings of cooking classes include private / personal chefs who typically offer cooking lessons in private. This is ideal if you want a more private, hands-on approach while avoiding the crowds of larger public cooking classes. You can also coordinate with your friends to break up the higher cost, while combining the event into a private dinner & a cooking lesson. This option also offers much greater flexibility and variety in skills taught and food options.