Culinary Schools in Shirleysburg PA


Looking for the top Culinary Schools in Shirleysburg PA? Attending a culinary school often lead to a flourishing culinary job where you are frequently allowed to creatively express yourself while being part of an electrical and ever-changing work environment

Earnings are based on where along with in what sort of establishment one works. The median yearly salary of chefs and head cooks is $42,490. Most culinary schools give you a strong opportunity for acceptance into their school – typically close to 75-80% acceptance rate.

Cooks generally must have physical strength, manual dexterity and a good sense of taste and scent. They must have the ability to function like a member of the team. Chefs along with head cooks will need to have the creativity to develop recipes. They need to be solid leaders and also have excellent communication and time management abilities.

Shirleysburg PA Culinary Schools

Greater Johnstown Career and Technology Center
445 Schoolhouse Rd,
Johnstown, Pennsylvania
46.40 miles away

Phone: (814) 266-6073

2-year or less, public program, 440 enrolled, 12 to 1 student to teacher ratio