Culinary Schools in Molino FL


Are you trying to find the best Culinary Schools in Molino FL? Job growth shows an envisioned 5% growth.

On a personal level, culinary schools are terrific for growing oneself. An individual’s ability to create a meal not only gives self-gratifying benefits, but it also brings great delight to those around you.

Aspiring cooks and chefs can take courses in high school or through vocational school programs. To be able to work as a head cook, chef, or any other culinary professional, you should complete a formal training curriculum. Training programs in culinary arts can be obtained from culinary arts universities, some that are two-year, as well as four-year colleges.

Molino FL Culinary Schools

Radford M Locklin Technical Center
5330 Berryhill Rd,
Milton, Florida
17.25 miles away

Phone: (850) 983-5700

2-year or less, public program, 332 enrolled, 13 to 1 student to teacher ratio

Virginia College-Mobile
3725 Airport Blvd Suite 165,
Mobile, Alabama
44.66 miles away

Phone: (251) 378-3052

2-year or less, private program, 670 enrolled, 16 to 1 student to teacher ratio