Culinary Schools in Kahoka MO


Are you trying to find the most relevant Culinary Schools in Kahoka MO? Employment growth indicates an expected 5% growth.

Earnings are determined by where and in the type of establishment one works. Your median annual salary associated with chefs as well as head cooks is $42,490. Most culinary schools offer a strong opportunity for acceptance into their school – typically close to 75-80% acceptance rate.

A cook or any other culinary professional can receive certification that indicates to an employer that she / he has achieved a clear level of culinary proficiency. Along with certification, class room and hand-on instruction, one also needs a number of soft skills, or personal qualities, to succeed in this industry.

Kahoka MO Culinary Schools

John Wood Community College
1301 S 48th Street,
Quincy, Illinois
38.39 miles away

Phone: (217) 224-6500

2-year or less, public program, 2390 enrolled, 13 to 1 student to teacher ratio