Culinary Schools in Enfield NC


Looking for the best Culinary Schools in Enfield NC? 44% of those with culinary positions like Executive Chef, Head Cook, and Line Cook have a culinary degree.

Earnings are determined by where and also in what sort of establishment one works. The median annual salary involving chefs in addition to head cooks ends up around $42,490. Most culinary schools give a strong chance for acceptance to their school – typically close to 75-80% acceptance rate.

A chef or any other cooking professional can get certification that demonstrates to an employer that he or she has achieved a certain level of culinary proficiency. Along with certification, class and hand-on coaching, one in addition needs a number of soft skills, or personal qualities, to achieve in this area.

Enfield NC Culinary Schools

Nash Community College
522 N. Old Carriage Road,
Rocky Mount, North Carolina
22.98 miles away

Phone: (252) 443-4011

2-year or less, public program, 3435 enrolled, 22 to 1 student to teacher ratio

Vance-Granville Community College
200 Community College Road,
Henderson, North Carolina
38.25 miles away

Phone: (252) 492-2061

2-year or less, public program, 4314 enrolled, 15 to 1 student to teacher ratio

Southside Virginia Community College
109 Campus Dr,
Alberta, Virginia
40.20 miles away

Phone: (888) 220-7822

2-year or less, public program, 6461 enrolled, 21 to 1 student to teacher ratio