Culinary Schools in Easton ME


Looking for the best Culinary Schools in Easton ME? 44% of those with culinary roles like Executive Chef, Head Cook, and Line Cook have a culinary degree.

Earnings are determined by where and in which kind of establishment one works. Your median annual salary of chefs in addition to head cooks is $42,490. Most culinary schools provide a strong opportunity for acceptance into their school – typically about 75-80% acceptance rate.

A chef or any other culinary professional can get certification that demonstrates to an employer that he / she has achieved a certain level of culinary proficiency. Along with certification, classroom and hand-on coaching, one likewise needs a number of soft skills, or personal qualities, to succeed in this field.

Easton ME Culinary Schools

Eastern Maine Community College
354 Hogan Rd,
Bangor, Maine
130.54 miles away

Phone: (207) 974-4600

2-year or less, public program, 1952 enrolled, 24 to 1 student to teacher ratio