Culinary Schools in Cadet MO


We list the top Culinary Schools in Cadet MO. The culinary career field offers many exciting positions such as being a Food Scientist, Personal Chef, Executive Chef or even owning your own fun Bed & Breakfast business.

Earnings are based on where along with in what sort of establishment one works. The median yearly salary of chefs along with head cooks has been around $42,490. Most culinary schools give you a strong opportunity for acceptance into their school – typically close to 75-80% acceptance rate.

A chef or any other culinary professional can get certification that indicates to an employer that he or she has achieved a clear level of culinary proficiency. Along with certification, class and hand-on training, one likewise needs a number of soft skills, or personal qualities, to succeed in this field.

Cadet MO Culinary Schools

Jefferson College
1000 Viking Drive,
Hillsboro, Missouri
19.14 miles away

Phone: (636) 797-3000

2-year or less, public program, 6079 enrolled, 24 to 1 student to teacher ratio

East Central College
1964 Prairie Dell Rd,
Union, Missouri
30.93 miles away

Phone: (636) 583-5193

2-year or less, public program, 4127 enrolled, 18 to 1 student to teacher ratio

L'Ecole Culinaire
9811 South Forty Drive,
Saint Louis, Missouri
46.35 miles away

Phone: (314) 587-2433 x201

2-year or less, private program, 477 enrolled, 18 to 1 student to teacher ratio

Saint Louis Community College
5600 Oakland Ave,
Saint Louis, Missouri
48.82 miles away

Phone: (314) 644-9100

2-year or less, public program, 29200 enrolled, 22 to 1 student to teacher ratio

Hickey College
940 Westport Plaza,
Saint Louis, Missouri
49.56 miles away

Phone: (314) 434-2212 x125

4-year primarily associate's, 500 enrolled, 17 to 1 student to teacher ratio