Cooking Classes in Frederica DE


We list the most relevant Cooking Classes in or near Frederica DE. Cooking classes can also be a great way to spend a monthly “date” night with your loved one. No matter if your cooking strong-suit is French or Japanese, it’s not too late to get better at your forte. Classes are being filled up fast, so get registered right now!

If you are looking at cooking classes for professional development, visit our culinary schools section – A chef or any other culinary professional can acquire certification that demonstrates to an employer that she or he has achieved a specific level of culinary proficiency. In addition to certification, classroom and hand-on education, one also needs certain soft skills, or personal qualities, to succeed in this area.

Frederica DE Cooking Classes

Williams Sonoma Cooking School
178 Christiana Mall
Newark, DE
46.34 miles away

Phone: (302)368-7707

New lineup of cooking classes each month at your local Williams-Sonoma store. Learn about cuisines from around the world, and close to home, from our talented chefs and culinary experts. Each 90 minute - to 2-hour class includes a cooking demonstration, generous samples of featured dishes and printed recipes to take home. Class fees vary by store location. Available at select stores; class dates and times vary by store location.