Cooking Classes in Folkston GA


Looking for the top Cooking Classes in Folkston GA? In Folkston GA, cooking classes will allow you to venture into different foods, cooking styles, and even the cultures that are behind the foods. And there’s more, experience the hottest cooking methods, knife skills, diets, and unique ingredients by going to cooking classes. Classes are being filled up quickly, so register yourself right now!

If you are looking at cooking classes for professional development, visit our culinary schools section – Job growth exhibits an envisioned 5% growth. Culinary schools are wonderful for the development of an individual. An individual’s ability to create a dish not only creates self-rewarding benefits, but it also brings great delight to those around you.

Folkston GA Cooking Classes

Italian Cooking Holiday
804 Atlantic Ave.
Amelia Island, FL
36.11 miles away

Phone: (800)432-2085

Morning open for leisure activities, followed by afternoon Italian cooking class. Dinner accompanied by songs performed by the 'The Singing Chef'. Teens welcome. 2- to 4-day packages $195-$645, includes lodging in a 10-bedroom historic home, breakfast, & dinner w/wine

Jekyll Island Club Hotel Cooking School
371 Riverview Drive
Jekyll Island, GA
38.50 miles away

Phone: (800)535-9547

Four-day culinary program that includes hands-on cooking classes, patisserie sessions, wine tasting $1,299/couple, $899/single includes lodging, some meals.

The Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island Cooking School
4750 Amelia Island Pkwy
Amelia Island, FL
39.06 miles away

Phone: (800)241-3333

Quarterly 2-day participation courses that focus on a theme From $658/person, $938/couple includes 2 nights lodging, lunch with chef. $260/person without lodging.